People Advisory Services

Senior-level HR expertise, as and when you need it.

The benefits of using our People Advisory Services


Momentum’s People Advisory Services gives you the chance to tap into strategic and operational HR expertise on an ad hoc basis. Put simply, you’ll get Board-level advice and guidance on people issues delivered in the right way, at the right time, at the right price. 

Whether you’re a SME or a larger enterprise (or anything in between), you’ll have access to first-class support without being tied in permanently. 

Our focus is on making your life easier, taking your people issues away so that you can focus on building a long-term plan for the future or on handling your day-to-day responsibilities. We’ll help you to look good, and to feel good – you’ll still be in control, but under far less pressure.

Testimonial Consultant and former CEO | Clyde & Co LLP

Pauline is extremely hard working – she’s always ready to pick through and respond to any issues. She’s incredibly agile terms of her style. She never falls back on stock solutions or the latest HR trends. She makes her own assessment of each situation and then thinks her way around a problem, responding to the issues creatively to work out the best way forward.

She’s the person I’d go to if I ever needed to talk something through or wanted to bounce ideas off someone – she is a fantastic listener whose advice and guidance I’ve found to be invaluable.

“I’ve lived the life of an HR Director, so I have a deep understanding of the challenges and demands of the role. 

I can provide support to help you with everything from accelerating your team’s development or your project delivery through to handling difficult conversations and providing feedback. All in a confidential, non-judgemental way that’s centred around the provision of practical and pragmatic solutions.”

Navigating the full HR lifecycle


Momentum will sit alongside your existing teams to support them in delivering across any point in the HR cycle – or all of them if that’s what we determine you need. We’ll create a bespoke programme of activity to meet your specific requirements.

“I am fully conversant with the HR cycle from attraction, retention, development, engagement, recognition, performance management right through to succession planning and saying goodbye to colleagues in whichever form that takes.”


HR strategy: This is where it all starts. It’s an opportunity to translate the business strategy into your people strategy to advance your organisation’s goals. I can help you develop or refine this, elevate your people function and find impactful ways to add value.

Hire me: Attracting and selecting the best talent is critical, especially at more senior levels where successful candidates have huge scope for influence. I can support your attraction and selection process to ensure you have the right skills for your business now, and with an eye to the future. 

Get me started: Your new joiners need to hit the ground running. I can work with you to make sure your onboarding process is well-integrated and designed to help people achieve optimum productivity more quickly.  

Develop me: Your investment in new joiners needs to be backed up by a clear development plan. You need to understand people’s aspirations, give them opportunities to excel, provide feedback and support, and ensure they have access to training. It’s good for them, and it’s good for the business – not least because it will help drive retention.  

Engage and motivate me: Engagement is often an even more important factor in retention than financial reward. And it ensures that people across your organisation feel motivated and fulfilled. I can work with you to review what you’re doing now and support you with identifying activities that make an impact. 

Say goodbye to me: Departing employees can be very good advocates of your organisation. However, there are inevitably going to be some sensitivities and politically-charged exits along the way. I can support you in ensuring every leaver has as positive an experience as possible. 

Testimonial UK Board Member – Senior Equity Partner Employment

I hugely valued working with Pauline and having her support.  She is able to blend supporting an international business, and leading in relation to people and HR issues, with supporting and mentoring individuals within that business – in client facing roles, and in internal management and leadership roles.  Her experience in supporting and working with senior individuals, and in working within partnerships, was extremely valuable to me.

Testimonial Partner | Clyde & Co US LLP

“Pauline’s extensive experience of managing Human Resources at the most senior level means she has a thorough understanding of the special challenges faced by organizations operating internationally. Meanwhile, her expertise in sourcing, developing, promoting and retaining a diverse pool of talented employees enables her to deliver a significant advantage to businesses and individuals alike.

How we could help


To help you think about how you might work best with Momentum, here are a few scenarios in which we could apply our expertise:

  • Help you gain greater clarity as to how you and your team can move the people agenda forward, elevate your team and showcase the value you add to the wider business   
  • Assess the capabilities you need within your people function to support the rapid growth of your organisation and achieve its strategic aims
  • Support your people team with capacity challenges, offering mentoring and upskilling to accelerate delivery and enable everyone to apply more commercial and business-focused thinking 


Contact Pauline today to arrange your free confidential call to assess you and your environment's needs.