Executive Coaching

Rise to your challenges. Optimise your opportunities.  

How could executive coaching help you?


In a nutshell, executive coaching will help you to reflect upon and gain a much greater insight into your challenges and opportunities. 

It’s about understanding yourself better. It’s about understanding other people better. And it’s about developing different ways of working. It will help you to identify and capitalise on your strengths, and to build more productive and diverse relationships. Most importantly, it will help you to separate the things you need to do to move forward from the things you want to do. 

All of which will ensure you have the tools and techniques you need to further enhance your leadership skills and maintain your competitive edge.

Testimonial HR Consultant and Former CPO - Lewis Silkin

Pauline agreed to coach me as I transitioned from a role I had held for 13 years to a new position within Lewis Silkin and I found her support invaluable.  Her experience and skills gained as an HR Director inform her coaching style, she is particularly skilled at summarising what she sees, leading to deeper personal insights. She is not afraid to challenge appropriately and constructively and the coaching experience was transformative.  I have already recommended her to several of my contacts.

Areas of executive coaching expertise

Momentum can provide executive coaching covering a wide range of areas for individuals and teams including:

  • Professional development
  • Career advancement
  • Career transition
  • Building high performing teams
  • Leading with confidence and authenticity
  • Women in Leadership
  • Workplace dynamics
  • Challenging situations
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Unsticking the stuckness
  • Resilience

Executive Coaching style

Pauline’s warmth, empathy and open, honest approach is at the heart of her executive coaching style. This, together with her extensive experience of working at the most senior levels of HR, enables her to make an instant connection – and a lasting impact.


“I’m solutions-focused but I also know how to provide the balance of support and challenge you need to achieve your desired outcome. 

I offer both directional and non-directional coaching that’s reflective of the complex working environment in which you operate. 

I can help you gain clarity and unpick what’s important. Essentially, I’ll work with you to identify and understand the changes you need to make to achieve your goals in a safe, secure, and non-judgemental way – you’ll have time and space to think and reflect.”


Testimonial Lawyer to Operations Manager - Travers Smith

I have recently moved into a new career and Pauline has expertly guided me through that transition by helping me to explore solutions to new challenges I am facing, build my confidence, and gain fresh perspective and clarity on my career path and progression. Pauline has provided this support in a wholly encouraging and personable, yet robust, way, and I now feel better equipped to navigate my way through my new career.

Why choose Momentum?


Momentum is centred around each individual client – Pauline brings a flexible approach that ensures she can get the best out of everyone. She also strongly believes that for any coaching experience to have a lasting impact, it must take into consideration not just the individuals drivers and needs, but also those of the organisation they work for.  

Her straightforward, natural and practical coaching style not only helps her to build confidence and trust in others quickly, it also means she can help clients identify the right course of action and achieve results. 

As part of this client-centric, bespoke approach, Pauline offers a complimentary introductory meeting which is about ensuring there’s a good fit in terms of personalities and potential outcomes.

“I begin by exploring your readiness for the coaching experience and the change that it will bring.

If we decide to move forward, I’ll help you address your inner challenges as well as raising awareness of your reality and looking at how you can learn in a sustained way moving forward. I encourage authenticity – this is about helping you to be the best version of yourself. You have the answers within you, and I’ll help you bring them to the fore. 

I have extensive experience of HR and can draw upon a wide range of tools and techniques to ensure you get an optimum experience. 

I’ve used and offered coaching throughout my career and, having just gone through my own significant change, I know just how scary, challenging, emotive, but ultimately rewarding, it can be.”


Testimonial Head of Business Development – Shearman & Sterling

I have worked with Pauline one-on-one for the past 6 months and I have truly benefited from her executive coaching course. Pauline has in-depth commercial experience working within a similar sector and could resonate and connect to my business and position. I found it very easy to build rapport with Pauline due to her open and honest style, which fostered mutual trust and respect.

During each session, Pauline used some excellent coaching techniques to guide and encourage creative discussions to build on strengths and progression. As a result, I have gained appreciation of my own motivators and values, developing new leadership skills which I have benefited from personally, in addition to my wider team and the business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pauline.



Pauline has significant experience of working with mid-level to senior C-suite leaders in professional services environments. 

Having worked extensively with CFOs, CPOs, Heads of BD, Lawyers, Ops Managers, Doctors, Heads of PA Services and Communications Managers, she has an extensive understanding of the complexities of professional services environments and her skills are readily transferable to other sectors.


A typical executive coaching programme


  • We’ll start with a complimentary introductory (chemistry) meeting to assess your aims and ensure we’re the right fit for one another.
  • Your coaching will be delivered through a mix of virtual and in-person sessions, depending on your needs and location (in-person coaching would typically be undertaken at your place of work).
  • We’ll agree upon a number of sessions – usually up to six sessions lasting between 1-1.5 hours, held over six months and with a halfway check-in to ensure we’re hitting your objectives.
  • Three-way contracting session with your sponsor or line manager if needed – again, with a halfway objectives check-in.
  • Contact between sessions as required to ensure continuity and progress.
  • Confidential notes and agree actions between sessions.
  • You may not need to commit to a programme of coaching, therefore I offer one off “time to think” sessions to help you unpick a knotty issue that you wish to take immediate action on.

Contact Pauline now to arrange your free confidential call to assess your needs.